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In the twenty-first century, in an era of dynamic development of modern technology and the production of new high-quality construction materials, it is difficult to imagine the construction of new housing or repair existing, without proper preparation of construction processes and the combination of building materials. Without preliminary planning when reconstructing an apartment or building a new home, it's hard to imagine anything at all: the terms, material costs, characteristics of the premises, operating costs.

One desire and availability of material means, after completion of the planned measures of comfortable and ideal housing (house, cottage, mansion, cottage or apartment) is not enough. Creation of high-quality housing is impossible without the application of high requirements for heat-energy saving, comfort and environmental safety of housing. Also, high-quality housing is characterized by low operating costs in the future.

From what and how to build a house - the question is very complex and capacious. The choice is only for you. Housing needs to be built from the fact that you are closer, more like what the soul is. And in general it does not matter whether it is a wooden house, large-panel, frame-panel, block or stone.

Any material has positive and negative characteristics. The rule is one thing: living in your house, and therefore the choice of technology, materials, planning the future of housing lies on your shoulders, they must meet only your requirements, wishes and opportunities. At the same time it is not necessary to ignore the advice of specialists. The good use of tips, in practice, will avoid future problems.

When designing, planning future housing, you need a clear understanding of where there will be a residential area, sanitary and technical. In advance, it is necessary to specify the criteria and requirements for the functional belonging of this or that premises. It is also necessary to take into account the possibility of upgrading the building or additional equipment with the newest and most advanced equipment in the future. The structure should have a stock of technical and technological improvements. Again, the decision on the presence or absence of one or another room exclusively for the developer.

At the least possible, under any house or cottage, the availability of a basement is desirable. For example, cellar is a minimal solution, but the basement under the whole area of ​​development is better. The presence of a basement allows you to solve many additional tasks, both during construction and operation. At construction, the convenience of conducting engineering communications: electricity, water supply, sewage, heating. When operating, convenience is in service.

Also, a good insulated, waterproof and ventilated basement has a constant positive temperature. The basement is an increase in the useful area by the size of the building.

The presence on the market of quality proposals for the design of individual homes, cottages and mansions is quite diverse. Think of a good project - it's not only a quality and competent design of the foundation, walls, ceilings, roofs and engineering communications. The house should meet not only the high requirements of heat-energy saving, ventilation and environmental friendliness. But also have low cost indicators during operation, usoobekpluatsionnye quality, comfort of living in general. Low-visited rooms should be located, respectively, not in frequently visited areas. The experience of designing individual housing LLC "SK" Kiivrestavratsii "is so qualitatively diverse and large that our projects are consistent not only with regulatory requirements, but also high individual characteristics and wishes of the customer. Our client will acquire qualitative design with minimization of construction costs.

In Ukraine, Kiev and the Kyiv Oblast, the rules of planning and development are regulated by the following documents:

- the main document "DBN 360-92 **. Urban planning. Planning and Building of Urban and Rural Settlements »

- "Letter dated 24.10.07 № 24 / 3-1677" On the legality of the construction of the Neighboring section "

- decision of the Kyiv Regional Council "Rules of building the territory of the Kiev region APPROVED by the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers by the decision of the Kiev regional council of 19.06.2003. № 096-08-XXIV »