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Our construction works:

Kiev, st. Borispilska, 12-C

Brick, insulated residential building of 4 sections, 17 floors, with underground parking and office space.

Near the house is a playground, guest parking. Put into operation.

Kiev, Kiev st. Borispilska, 6

Brick, insulated residential building of 4 sections, 17-storey, with underground parking and office space.

Near the house is a playground, guest parking. Put into operation.

Kiev, prov. Yaroslavsky, 7/9

Residential building on 9 floors, located in the historical center of Kiev - Podolsky district. Commissioned. Quiet street, near the metro station.
Improved planning, metal-plastic windows, armored entrance doors, underground parking, guest parking, playground, fire-fighting facilities, modern elevators.

Kiev, st. Kyrylivska, 1/3

Four-storey business center, which is located at the intersection of Kirillovskaya and Yaroslavskaya streets. The business center is equipped with the latest engineering equipment, namely: a fire alarm system, a ventilation and air conditioning system, a centralized water supply system and autonomous heating, a security alarm system and a telecommunication system; It has parking for tenants located in the courtyard of the building.

Kiev, st. Russian, 45

Residential building on 17 floors, with underground parking and office space.

Located in the Darnitskiy district of Kiev. Put into operation.

Single-storey cottages:

Single-storey brick cottages, construction of 2018, located in Borispol. Houses with an area of 120sq.m located on 5 acres of land. The houses made designer renovation, warm floor, equipped bathroom, boiler room, well. All communications are connected and functioning. A fence, a sliding gate, and a metal carport are installed along the perimeter of the plot.

Two-storey cottages:

Two-story houses, construction 2018rok, located in Borispol. Houses with a total area of 176 sq.m, located on 6 and 10 acres of land. The houses have been renovated, heated floor, equipped bathroom, boiler room, well, spacious terraces on the 1st and 2nd floors, warmed basements. All communications are connected and functioning. A fence, a sliding gate, and a metal carport are installed along the perimeter of the plot.


The use of modern modified dry mixes on the basis of cement provide high-quality durable waterproofing of building structures. Such waterproofing divisions are divided on the principle of action on penetrating and disintegrating. Penetrating waterproofing Kiev is based on penetration into the concrete body of chemically active components present in the composition, and, when interacting with cement and water, they form waterproof crystals. Crystals fill themselves in the construction of the pores and capillaries, thus prevent the penetration of unwanted moisture and water. Waterproofing works are performed as outside and inside the building. When performing a waterproofing from the inside, no accumulation is required walls, socle and foundation of the building. Waterproofing of all concrete surfaces is performed - smudge waterproofing with penetrating additives. Special additives - Hadi - penetrate inside the body concrete or concrete construction (concrete wall, concrete block FBS, concrete floor). When Hadov contacts with cement salts in a humid environment, crystals grow. Materials for waterproofing can be bought in Kiev and waterproofing yourself - their own hands Implementation of work on waterproofing from within order in our company and get full a guarantee of 20 years.

Waterproofing of concrete surfaces

An effective solution for the waterproofing of all concrete structures is penetrating waterproofing or penetrating waterproofing in a complex with non-shear repair mixtures and suture materials. This type of waterproofing materials on a cement basis. After application to the concrete surface, chemically active additives - Hadi - penetrate into the body of concrete, sprouting with insoluble crystals to the full depth. Foaming waterproofing, the price of which is quite acceptable, is used for waterproofing of reservoirs, dams of concrete containers for drinking water, settling tanks of various purposes, communal storage, wells, retaining concrete walls, foundations, concrete slabs, basins and other concrete structures.

Ventilation systems.

Багато хто мріє про свій житло за містом, хтось будує свою мрію, хтось купує. При цьому, мало хто замислюється яким вимоги це житло має відповідати. Ніхто не стане заперечувати той факт, що відпочинок на свіжому повітрі приносить багато користі. Час сну в заміському будинку зменшується, і мало хто знає - чому? Також важливо, з яких матеріалів побудований будинок. При цьому, приділяється мало вимог до вентиляції. Або, найчастіше, повністю ігнорують останньої. А тим часом, вентиляція Київ є невід'ємною частиною комфортного житла. Без якісної і правильно працюючій вентиляції, неможливо створити ідеальне житло для комфортного проживання. При зведенні аналогічних будинків, за однаковими або схожим проектам доведено на прикладі, правильно розрахована і виконана схема природної енергозберігаючої припливно-витяжної вентіляціі®, гарантовано забезпечить зменшення витрат при опаленні в холодну пору року до 40%. Також, при експлуатації котеджу в літню пору, дозволить економити на електроенергії при кондиціонуванні повітря, або зовсім повністю відмовитися від застосування кондиціонерів

Many people dream of their housing outside the city, someone builds their dream, someone buys. At the same time, few people wonder what requirements this housing should meet. Nobody will deny the fact that outdoor recreation brings a lot of benefits. Sleep time in a country house is reduced, and few know - why? It is also important from which materials the building is built. In this case, there are few requirements for ventilation. Or, most often, completely ignore the latter. Meanwhile, ventilation Kiev is an integral part of comfortable housing. Without qualitative and properly functioning ventilation, it is impossible to create an ideal home for a comfortable stay. When constructing similar buildings, for the same or similar projects, as shown by the example, a correctly designed and executed scheme of natural energy-saving inflow and exhaust ventilation, guarantees that the cost of heating during the cold season will be reduced to 40%. Also, when operating a cottage in the summer, it will save on electricity when air is being air-conditioned, or completely abandon the use of air conditioners.

Exhaust ventilation for a private home

Efficient energy-saving ventilation Kyiv may be implemented according to the scheme of natural ventilation or by the scheme of forced ventilation. Forced ventilation can be performed in two variants. The first option - with ducts and fans. The second option is to install a ventilation system or install a ventilation system with air recuperation (ventilation units with heat recovery). And thus, the variant of the combined scheme of the ventilation system, which has a number of advantages of two systems of ventilation, is not excluded. Under a natural ventilation scheme, air into the house or apartment enters through the system of air ducts due to the pressure difference. Under the forced scheme of ventilation, air into the house or apartment enters through the system of air ducts due to pressure created by channel fans. Air mass goes to the room through the filter system. At the entrance of the ventilation systems, there are filters installed. The presence of a ventilation system is an excellent barrier to street noise, dust, flies and various allergens. Also, such systems have the ability to adjust the flow rate of air. One way or another provides a normal air exchange in the premises. The correct calculation, placement and installation of an "effective energy-saving system of inflow and exhaust ventilation", in the house and the correct operation of the system, guarantees the absence of drafts. Forced ventilation is suitable for a private house, mansion, office, apartment, warehouse, garage, production facilities, commercial facilities and high residential buildings. Remember, high-quality ventilation, which you can buy in Kiev, will not only save a lot of problems, but will also improve the microclimate and the comfort of the whole home. Together with modern energy-saving technologies, energy-saving ventilation will provide additional significant savings on heating and air conditioning of the building.