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About us:

The main activity of the enterprise is the construction and restoration activity.

For years of his activity as a member of the Corporation "UkrRestoration" specialists The Workshop "Ukraine-Restoration" LLC has been restored and restored more than 150 sights, including the world-famous Sofia Kyivska, ensemble Kyiv Pechersk Lavra, St. Andrew's Church and St. Cyril's Church, Volodymyrsky Cathedral, Mariinsky Palace, Puppet Theater, Mystetskyi Arsenal, National theater of opera and ballet in Kiev, opera theaters in Odessa, Lviv, Chernivtsi, fortress Kamyanets-Podilsky, Khotin and Sudak, wooden churches of Drohobych and Transcarpathia and many others.

With the direct participation of our company today Kyiv again has its heavenly patron Archangel Michael and Independence Monument. God's Mother returned to His Assumption House the Cathedral of the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, and St. Vladimir's Cathedral in Chersonesos again becoming a cradle of Christianity.

Singers sings without microphones in the national The Philharmonic, the old railway station building is one of the best in Europe, The house with chimeras is now a state residence, and restored historical buildings of Bessarabsky quarter, as before, admire the eyes of Kievans.

More recently, our specialists have been conducting conservation- restoration works on the restoration of one of the oldest churches in Kiev - Church of the Savior on Berestov, as well as repair and restoration works of the walls and Fences of the National Reserve Sofia Kyivska.

In recent years, we have also intensively developed a field of activity such as construction of residential and office centers, infrastructure and facilities of industrial buildings.

This includes multi-storey residential buildings with built-in ones non-residential premises and underground parking on the str. Borispol 6 and 12B, on the str. Russian, 45 in Darnytskyi district; along the lane Yaroslavl 7/9, on the str. Peters'ka, 4a in Solomyansky district office centers on the lane. Yaroslavl 5 / 2B and Frunze 1/3 in the Podilsky district of Kyiv.

Our company took an active part in the reconstruction of the NSC "Olympic", in repair works of the trade center "Darynok", repair works of the Boris Grinchenko Kiev University, Major repairs of non-residential premises on the street. Kazimir Malevich 86 (O), construction of logistic complexes in the territory of the Kyiv region ... and others.

About ten years, the company operates and actively develops a separate one reinforcement section of the foundations. Despite the relatively short term There were dozens of complex projects implemented by the specialists of the district In this area, in particular, it is reinforced by the method of statically squeezing and drilling of stuffed ones piles of the building of the Ministry of Emergencies and the Mariinsky Palace, logistics complex in Great Dymerka, administrative buildings on pr. Victory, 10, office center on the lane. Yaroslavsky, 3, and another row of buildings in the historical part of Kiev, new foundations and retaining walls on micro-piles on a number of buildings in the private sector.


Chief Engineer
Leading Accountant
Head of Human Resources Department Head of production base
Chief Power Engineer Chief of KDV
Head of Supply Department Master РРР
Gas cutters;
Artists - restorers;
Gilding; Carvers; Masonry; Diverse


Arrangement of pallets; Fundament;
Walls; Overlay
Coverage; Facade

Breakdown of plot, development of soil;
Foundation of foundations;
Building of walls and partitions;
Arrangement of floors; Installation and placement of the ceiling;
Installation of internal partitions;
Installation of building scaffolding;
Construction of the rafter system and the roof;
Waterproofing, thermal insulation, soundproofing.

Quality is the main priority of the enterprise. In the company Workshop "Ukraine - Restoration" multi-stage system quality control, which involves professional expert examination at all stages work and management

Certificate of availability of machinery equipment and material and technical base required to complete the order